Bronze Medalist Chad Hedrick Shows Off His Baby Girl


chad-hendrick-bronzeYou might have seen Chad Hedrick’s bronze medal speed skating performance, but NBC’s Olympic coverage missed the athlete’s true pride and joy — she showed up during the celebration.

Chad hoisted 11-month-old Hadley up for a victory smootch and let her help wave the stars and stripes after his third place finish.

According to Chad it was a comfort, if not an inspiration, to watch have his family watching from the stands:

“It was great to have my family here with me. I could look up into the stands and see my wife and daughter watching me, and it was amazing.”

While her dad wins Olympic medals, Hadley’s apparently been making some big strides of her own in Vancouver:

“in just one week of being here, she has taken her first steps in Pampers Village… and has learned to say ‘Daddy,'” Hedrick boasts. “Hadley is learning so much.”

American skater Shani Davis took the gold medal in men’s 1,000 meter race.


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