Brooke Burke And David Chavet Jet Off To NYC! Sweet Love Time! (Photos)


Brooke Burke and David Chavet jet off to NYC! They get to enjoy some much neeeded together time! I am only confused cause Brooke said she was happy to leave dreary Malibu, Ca. I don’t think she realizes NY’ers may not agree!

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    Brooke Burke Chavet and her husband David Chavet check their luggage before catching a flight out of Los Angeles.
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    Burke-Chavet recently beat thyroid cancer, after being diagnosed in November 2012.
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    David looks like he wasn't expecting any press!
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    Earlier, this morning Brooke tweeted that they were off to NYC to leave the gloomy Malibu weather!
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    I hope Brooke realizes it is raining and snowing in NYC!
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    I have been looking for the perfect brown purse! Looks like Brooke found mine!
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    These two are ready for some alone time! They do have a few kids! :)
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    Some day I will have my Louis Vuitton luggage! Some day!
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    What kind of shirt is Brooke wearing that has no back?

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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