Brooke Burke in Car Accident: Brooke Shares Important Reminder About Putting Family First

brooke burke
Brooke Burke & David Charvet were in a car accident this morning.

This morning, Brooke Burke and her husband David Charvet were in a car accident. The Dancing With The Stars host announced the incident via her Twitter account, and then explained things further in a blog post on Modern Mom.

Brooke wrote, “It’s funny how the universe sends us messages often in scary ways. This morning David and I got into a car accident – we’re ok, thank God!!! 10 seconds later and it would have been a different story. It happened on a dangerous stretch of the PCH and could have been 100 times worse. Thankfully I forgot something at home and that small delay changed the course of our day. I believe it was a wake-up call and I am grateful for the message to be more alert on the road and pay closer attention. No one was hurt, just our cars. Phew!!!”

What a relief that she and David are okay. It would have been absolutely terrible if they had been injured!

After her close-call this morning, Brooke also shared an important reminder about putting family first with the following quote:

“We pour ourselves more into work than into our own family, an unwise investment indeed, don’t you think?”

That statement really hit home with me, as I so often catch myself telling my son that I can’t play with him or read to him because I am so focused on getting work done. Sometimes a reminder like Brooke’s is all I need to put things back into perspective for me.

On that note, I think I’ll step away from the laptop for a bit this afternoon and go spend some time with my amazing little guy.

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