Brooke Burke's The Naked Mom: We Are So Much More Than Just Mom


The Naked MomBrooke Burke wrote a book called “The Naked Mom.”  Before you think that this is something too racy, it’s her open and honest take on motherhood. 

Brooke Burke appeared on Good Morning America to kick off her book tour.  She talks about how moms tend to lose themselves in their role as mom.  That though mom is an important role, we can’t forget about other other roles.

Moms are also counselors, vixens, bankers, judges, role models, best friends, and more, according to Brooke Burke.

The Naked Mom is about finding the humor in the every day, doing the best you can as a mom, and keeping your sense of self.

I can’t believe I’m saying that I want to read a book called “The Naked Mom,” but I do!  Do you?

Click to watch the Good Morning America interview.

Photo: PRPhotos