Brooke Burke Tweets About the First Day of School


Brooke Burke is a mom just like the rest of us.  (Okay, her figure is not included in that statement).   She tweeted this morning, “I’m back in school traffic from hell!!!!” Then she added she’s not sure she likes the new school routine. (Who does?) But the best tweet, the thing moms of school age kids everywhere totally understand, is when Brooke says:

“I drive all the way to school to see my big girls off, 1st day. & they were too embarrassed to hang! Aaah the joys of motherhood.”  If Brooke can’t get a goodbye kiss/wave, then the rest of us are doomed.  When it comes to getting blown off on the first day of school, celebrity moms get their hearts broken the same way we do.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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