Brooke Burke Wants to Marry Father of Her Children David Charvet


brooke burke david charvetMother of four Brooke Burke is ready to walk down the aisle with David Charvet, the father of her two youngest children, Rain, 3, and Shaya, 2. The couple has been engaged since 2006. This isn’t gossip — this is straight from her on her own blog.  Why is the Dancing With the Stars co-host ready to tie the knot? It started when Rain said she wanted Brooke to be a “Charvet” too. And, well, I’ll let her tell you the rest in her own words.

Excerpt from Brooke Burke’s blog:

When the subject of marriage came up the other day, we started talking about why to do it at this point in our relationship. We have a home together, 2 kids together, my other 2 that David is helping raise, and we are totally married in our hearts. “Do you want forever?” David asked.  “Yes, I need forever” I said.  It was just that simple.  I would like to have a “Husband”. David has been calling me his WIFE for years, but I have always joked about being only his wanabee wife.  I have never said Husband when referring to him and I rarely correct anyone when they give him that title.

After Rain brought it up, it’s been ringing in my head…

How did I imagine us? Boyfriend sounds sexy, and fun.  Fiancé has been the proper title for 4 years now, but it seems insignificant.  But HUSBAND, now that is serious!!!  I kinda like the sound of it. I’m asking myself why now.  Why today do I want to be Mrs. Charvet and why didn’t I many years ago?  What has changed?  Is it because we are closer now that ever before? Is it because our children have defined our family? Is it because our love has deepened?  Or, is it because I feel safe in our love today, and I know that I am where I belong?  I suggest anyone contemplating marriage to ask himself or herself that question…. Do you feel like you are where you belong? The thoughts that questions conjure up should be carefully examined.

I also giggled to myself recalling the scene at customs when I presented my family and our passports. Two of my children are Fisher, 2 of them are Charvet along with David and I am the only Burke. I am often asked whose children they all are and when I say mine, (looking like the hired nanny), I am faced with: “Those are all yours, ALL OF THEM!?!”

Brooke Charvet……hmmm

Mrs. Brooke Charvet, WIFE!

It’s different…

Brooke Burke Charvet, oooh that’s weird.

You never know….

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