Brooke Mueller Back in Rehab: Will Charlie Sheen Get the Twins?

Brooke Mueller Back in Rehab?

Brooke Mueller has had quite a crazy week. Between the rumors of her trying to obtain clean urine samples as well as footage of her allegedly trying to sell some of her personal items at a pawn shop, it appeared to all that the estranged wife of Charlie Sheen went off the wagon…hard.

Now it is being reported that she will be returning to rehab. But this isn’t just another relapse or just another trip to rehab. This time there are some really important issues at stake. Due to her actions this week, she might lose custody of her kids. TMZ is reporting that Charlie Sheen will be capitalizing on her relapse and will try to fight for custody of the twins. As part of the conditions of her having custody of  their children, she must regularly be subject to random drug testing. After it was alleged that she was trying to  convince friends to give them some of their “clean” urine to pass on as her own, on Friday she refused to take the test at all. Apparently due to this, Sheen’s lawyers will go to court on Tuesday to try to get the twins. And her trip to rehab may be as a preemptive strike, a last ditch effort by Mueller to keep her custody rights. But what will the judge do?

Neither Mueller or Sheen seem to be fit guardians. But with Sheen’s drug tests reportedly coming back clean, does that mean he will get the twins? Or will his lifestyle of late be red flag to the authorities. Maybe there is some very trusting, sane and sober grandparent, aunt or uncle or close family friend that could raise the boys until Mueller and Sheen get their act together?

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