Brooke Mueller's Twins Will Stay With Her


Charlie Sheen and Brooke MuellerBrooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen are working it out. The couple can be back in contact on January 4 and no doubt they’re relieved that twins Max and Bob are not considered to be in danger by the department of social services in Aspen.

Mueller’s nannies and housekeepers were all interviewed, confirming the news that the kids are fine.

“The people from the social services agency talked to Brooke, her mom, her step dad and her nanny, and told them that everything looks good and Brooke appears to be an excellent mother,” a source told People.

TMZ reports that Brooke does want to move back to L.A with the twins and start living with Charlie again.

Lawyers for both are trying to get the protective order modified so Brooke and Charlie can resume living together.

Good for them if they want to work out their relationship. Let’s just keep the crazy 911 dialing on the back burner, alright people?