Brooke Mueller May Or May Not Have Gone To Rehab While Pregnant


charlie-sheen-and-brooke-mueller-drinking-while-pregnantQuick, look the other way! Brooke Mueller’s dirty laundry is being aired out or wait maybe somebody is just making up lies.

Who could that be, I wonder, and what lies or half truths are they spewing now?

Oh, just that Brooke Mueller attended alcohol rehab while pregnant with the twins.
Now, there are obviously two sides of the story and Brooke’s lawyers and reps are scrambling to deny the rumor.

A source said: She was confronted after bottles of booze were found in her car. When one of the couple’s twins was born with a heart problem, the couple argued bitterly and Charlie told Brooke the medical problem was her fault for boozing while pregnant.

Ooh, that sounds like a reason for resentment and anger.

If there is any spec of truth to the allegations then that’s cruddy; if not then the person spreading the lies is a cruddy person.

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