Brooke Mueller Refused to Take Drug Test: Will Charlie Sheen Get the Twins?

No Drug Test for Brooke Mueller?

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen, they are a match made in heaven…not! These two have continually made odd, disturbing and bizarre choices, and one thing about them? They decisions are not family friendly…don’t the two have a pair of young twins they should be caring for? But instead Charlie is off on his “Torpedo of Truth” tour with his goddesses and Brooke? She’s been seen trying to pawn various valuables and that’s not all…

it’s been reported that Brooke has refused to take the court ordered, mandatory drug test that is needed for her to keep custody of her and Charlie’s twins. She reportedly had made a round of calls trying to get a cup of clean urine from  friends and that she has fallen – hard – off the wagon. But the pleas for pee apparently didn’t work out, especially when the gossip sites got wind of it. Then on Friday night, it was reported that when the administers of the test came to her house, they were turned away by her lawyer saying that she was refusing to take the test. What does this mean for the fate of the twins?

According to TMZ, as part of the custody settlement, Brooke must submit to drug testing regularly. But failing to take the test it the same as scoring a “dirty test,” which means that if Charlie wanted to take a stab at getting the twins back, he has the law on his side. Especially since his tests have been, reportedly, clean of late.

Who do you think the twins would be better with? Charlie or Brooke?

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