Brooke Mueller Scolds Her Father For Talking To Paparazzi About Charlie Sheen (Video)

Brooke Mueller Charlie Sheen
Brooke Mueller Will Not Comment On Charlie Sheen Scandal

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen have definitely had their share of ups and downs, but she is still his wife, and you would think that she’d make some sort of statement about what happened with him in New York City. In the video clip below, you can watch the paparazzi attempt to talk to Brooke Mueller about Charlie Sheen’s condition, but she refuses to give them a comment.

Brooke Mueller’s father is present in the video as well, and when he starts sending well wishes to Charlie, you can hear his daughter scold him.

When asked whether or not Charlie Sheen is ok, Brooke would only say, “I hope so.”

I could be wrong, but I’m fairly certain that Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen are over for good.

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