UPDATED: Brooke Mueller To Divorce Charlie Sheen?


Update:Looks like things are headed for splitsville. Brooke has moved out of their Beverly Hills estate and taken her twin one year old sons Max and Bob with her.

Original: Something has gotten into the water in Hollywood-everyone is breaking up! In the case of Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen, this is a good thing.

The actor was recently spotted wearing a fake mustache – notable for being the dumbest disguise EVER– on his way to cheat with an escort. He is claiming it was just a friend, but you can’t forget his domestic violence assault on Brooke when he held a knife to her throat.  

Brooke has children Max and Bob to think about and is said to be considering divorce since she can’t control Charlie. A friend tells E! Online: “Brooke is now seriously considering divorce.

She is not surprised by anything Charlie does at this point she is doing what she needs to do to be a good mother to Max and Bob. She is in a really good place right now, and her main concern is the kids.”

When there is violence involved, I say leave and leave quick. What do you think?


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