Brooke Mueller Wants A Divorce


charlie-sheen-brooke-mueller-gettyBrooke Mueller is looking to divorce Charlie Sheen. After the brouhaha that happened over Christmas and the rehab episodes since, she wants to just be done.

Brooke is in rehab, Charlie is in rehab and the stories about their marriage are getting crazier and crazier.
A source said, “The marriage is a nightmare, but each one is worried about ways the other one can hurt them. For Charlie, he’s terrified Brooke can help Colorado prosecutors send him to jail. For Brooke, she knows Charlie knows all the dirt about her drug and alcohol use.”

The marriage may be falling apart, but who is watching the kids and their well-being. I’m not sure if either of them will be good for the kids.

I hope they get a great child advocate, they’re going to need one.


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