Brooke Sheilds Survives a Minor Plane Crash


brookepreviewBrooke Shields was involved in a wee bit of an accident. The actress was in a fender bender the other day. But it wasn’t just two automobiles locking bumpers, the plane she was riding in careened into a 2010 Buick SUV. 

Brooke was in a Cessna prop plane along with Jim Belushi they were being flown to Hearst Castle in San Luis Obispo for a private event.  Brooke’s kids were safely at home. The plane and passengers landed safely, but when they stopped the pilot forgot to put the brakes on. As he was helping Brooke with her luggage, the plane started to roll right into the SUV.  Damages sound like they were minor and no one was injured in the incident, but still a report was filed with the NTSB.


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