Brooke Shield's 3-Year-Old Daughter Loves a Good Pair of Jimmy Choos


brooke_shields_and_daughtersLittle girls. They love a high heel. They’re just too young to know how much they hurt. Sigh, sweet innocence. Brooke Shield‘s 3-year-old daughter Grier is already coveting mom’s stilettos. And she has expensive tastes already. She loves her mom’s…Jimmy Choo’s.  Discussing the nude hued shoes at the Choo 24:7 by Jimmy Choo Launch at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City, Brooke said, “My little one was wearing these all night. I had to pry them off her feet to get them on mine!”

But her six-year-old daughter Rowan isn’t as much of a girly-girl. She stated, “My younger one wants anything sparkly, and my other one is a self-proclaimed ‘hip-hop girl.'”

Well hopefully Grier won’t become Suri version 2!


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