Brooke Shields and Joan Rivers are Travel Gal Pals! (Photos)


Brooke Shields and her gal pal Joan Rivers arrived in Los Angeles together!

The two traveled back to LAX on the same flight and chatted outside while waiting to be picked up. Clearly these ladies have known each other for a while because they exchanged a few laughs while posing for the paparazzi.

And Joan and Brooke both wore striped scarves! The Fashion Police host chose a black, white, and red silk scarf, while actress Brooke wrapped a gauzy white and blue scarf around her neck. I guess it’s true that good friends tend to match their outfits!

  • Brooke Shields and Joan Rivers 1 of 5

    The duo arrived in Los Angeles on the same flight!

  • Catching Up 2 of 5

    A flight seems like a great place to catch up with a girlfriend.

  • Scarf 3 of 5

    Joan's scarf gives a pop of color to her neutral black outfit. As does her mint green nail color!

  • Outfit Approval? 4 of 5

    I wonder if Joan, one of the hosts of E!'s Fashion Police, gave Brooke's outfit the seal of approval!

  • Autograph 5 of 5

    Brooke shows that she always has time for an autograph for a fan.

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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