Brooke Shields Gives The Scoop On Her Parenting Style


Model, actress, and gorgeous mom  Brooke Shields sat down with Parade Magazine recently to dish on her daughters Rowan Francis, 6½, and Grier Hammond, 4, how they keep her slim and her family’s favorite night time routine:

On teaching her kids about helping the environment: “My older one, in particular, gets mad at me when I’m brushing my teeth if I don’t turn the water off. I try to make my children focus on things they have control over because it empowers them. I went from feeling powerless to going with steps like using only cloth napkins. It was a beginning. Little steps became bigger steps so I didn’t feel helpless. That’s how I’m teaching my kids.”

On how having kids helps her stay slim: “Having two kids helps. You eat less for some reason because you end up picking at what they had to eat and don’t eat real food. I’ve always danced and I spin and I love doing yoga. I don’t exercise every day, but in New York, it’s easier because we walk everywhere. So we’re walking all the time. I make my kids do that too.”

On having a routine growing up:  “I grew up without a routine at home, things were hit and miss. But my mother had me in a regular children’s school my whole life and that routine calmed me. My school became like my home. I never missed school for work, ever. Sometimes I used to take my organizing a little too far with my Filofax, but that was the way that I coped. I didn’t do drugs. I’m just organized.”

On keeping her kids on a routine: “My kids thrive on the routine at bedtime, like the bath and the food and the book reading. Every night we say our prayers and we do a rose/thorn which is, ‘What was your rose of the day and what was your thorn of the day?’ I watch them and it just gives them a sense of comfort. It’s the same thing with rules. I have to enforce their behavior, including manners. But they like it. I think they just feel like they’re safe, and then they know that they can kind of go off and be kids at school.”


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