Brooke Shields Remembers Almost Crashing Her Car


SPL138203_002Brooke Shields opened up about her post-partum depression when she received an advocacy award at the Hope For Depression Research Foundation on Monday.
“We think and we feel that we should just be able to handle it on our own,” said Shields. “I’ve always been strong enough to get through every single difficult situation in my life. I grew up in an addictive household. My mother [Teri] had acute alcoholism. It’s in my blood. I was never going to be the one to succumb to it.”

Brooke is mom to two kids Rowan, 6, and Grier, 3. She confessed she was suicidal at one point after Rowan was born.

She said, “I couldn’t hold her and I couldn’t sing to her and I couldn’t smile at her … All I wanted to do was disappear and die.”

At one point she almost drove into a wall on the freeway but a friend on the phone stopped her.

“That was the week I almost did not resist driving my car straight into a wall on the side of the freeway,” she told the crowd. “My baby was in the back seat and that even pissed me off because I thought she’s even ruining this for me. I just wanted to drive into the wall and my friend stayed on the phone with me and made me safely get home.”

Glad to know that Brooke is doing alright now!


Photo: Splash News