Brooklyn Decker: I Want to Adopt a Special-Needs Child!

Brooklyn Decker has her family plans mapped out.


Brooklyn Decker told a Canadian magazine that she and husband Andy Roddick aren’t yet ready for kids – but when they are, she has a very particular plan in mind.

“I want to adopt a child or a baby with an intellectual disability one day,” she told Flare magazine (as reported by People).

Brooklyn’s experiences watching her aunt, a Special Olympics athlete, made her realize that her life would be that much richer if she could raise a child with special needs to reach his or her fullest potential.

“Unfortunately a lot of kids with intellectual disabilities are given up for adoption when they’re born ’cause it’s a lot for a family,” she added. Brooklyn and Andy plan to have biological children, too – and they may not wait too much longer to start. Back when they were newly married, Brooklyn was talking about wanting to be “barefoot and pregnant.”

Here’s hoping that all their dreams come true soon!

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