Brothers and Sisters Season Finale Recap: Season Premiere Fast Forwards One Year

brothers and sisters finale brothers and sisters premiere
Brothers and Sisters season finale and season premiere

If you needed a recap of the Brothers and Sisters season finale because last night’s season premiere fast forwarded one year ahead, you weren’t the only one looking for a refresher.

While it’s nice to move the story along a year, a lot of Brothers and Sisters‘ fans were trying to recall the Brothers and Sisters season finale to piece it all together.

Of course, the Brothers and Sisters season finale ended with that colossal car accident, where we wondered who would survive, and were pretty sure that Robert (Rob Lowe) was dead, dead, dead.

In the B&S season premiere, we find out that Robert has been in a coma the whole year and Kitty is struggling with letting him go. Only, we never actually see Rob Lowe in that hospital bed, because he’s no longer on the series.

The other plot points from the Brothers and Sisters season finale that seem like big question marks: What happened with Rebecca and Justin? And what happened to Holly?

If you recall, Holly was part of the car accident, and Justin was torn between helping Robert and helping Holly, but Robert gave him the go-ahead to save Holly. Holly is alive, but… well… has amnesia from the trauma of the accident. She has no recollection that William Walker is even dead and views Nora as an enemy still.

As for Rebecca and Justin, we know that actress Emily VanCamp is no longer on the series, so while their relationship was on the brink of a possible breakup during the Brothers and Sisters finale, they’re heading for splitsville Justin returns from a year of duty to find Rebecca has moved out.

Did you need a Brothers and Sisters season finale refresher to put together the season premiere?

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