Bruce Jenner: What's the Big Deal Over Teen Daughter's Bikini Shoot?


Bruce Jenner sees nothing wrong with his 14-year-old daughter posing in a bikini. In fact, he was shocked at the controversy that arose over the pictures of Kendall Jenner, the younger half-sister on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Hmm, Bruce, maybe it was because, unlike frequent bikini models Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, little sis Kendall’s barely old enough to see a PG-13 movie. Just thinking out loud.

Anyway, Kendall’s pop said he went away during the week the photos were released and he was shocked at what he found when he returned.

“When I left, everything was fine,” he tells Us. “[But when I returned] ‘Good Morning America’ was talking about her, she was on CNN. So she showed me the pictures.”

Jenner goes on, “She was on a model shoot that was like any 20-, 25-year-old would do, but because she’s 14, all of a sudden [people are like], ‘Is it right for a 14-year-old to do.'”

Actually, it seems like Jenner does understand exactly what the controversy was about: She’s a gorgeous girl, but she’s not 20 or 25. She’s 14. And what Jenner later calls her “hot shots” seem a little too hot for her age.