Bruce Springsteen Cheers On His Daughter (PHOTOS)


Bruce Springsteen was spotted over the weekend cheering on his daughter, Jessica Springsteen, at the Old Salem Grand Prix, at Old Salem Farm in New York. Apparently, that’s some sort of equestrian horse race thingy, which is completely out of my wheelhouse of knowledge. Until now, that is. Because now that I know that this is how the Boss spends his weekends, I will be packing my husband and kids in the car and heading out to these events faster than you can say “Thunder Road.”

In all seriousness, I wouldn’t say I am THE biggest Springsteen fan on the planet. I’ve only been to a couple of dozen Bruce shows, which is a minor commitment compared to that made by other people. And while I did consider naming my daughter Wendy, Mary, Sandy, Candy, Kitty or Janey—I didn’t actually do it. Yes, I have several photos of the man hanging in my living room. But who says grown women don’t tack up posters of rock stars on their walls? Where is that written in stone?

More photos of Bruce Springsteen doing what he does best, looking way cooler than the rest of us—oh, and cheering on his kid—on the next page. And yes, I probably included more photos than I needed to. You’re welcome.Photos:

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