Bruce Willis And Emma Hemming Are A Family On The Go (Photos)

Bruce and Emma

Whatever you do, just don’t show Demi Moore these pics! Celebrity parents Bruce Willis and Emma Hemming were spotted taking their newborn baby, Mabel Ray, out for a little stroll on Madison Avenue in New York City on Wednesday afternoon.

Now, let’s stop for a second and talk about something. The baby is a newborn. Bruce is 57. By the time Mabel is a teenager, well, you can do the math. I know that we’ve looking at how celebrity moms are getting older and well into their 40s and still having kids, but how about dads? Is it now acceptable to still becoming fathers well into their 50s?

Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know what you think. While there’s no doubt that Bruce is an excellent father, — watch out, because I’m going to say it — do you think that he might be a little too… here it goes… old?

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    Bruce Willis
    Bruce Willis and wife Emma Heming take a stroll on Madison Avenue with their baby daughter Mabel Ray after doing a bit of shopping at Barney's.
  • Oops! 2 of 5
    Willis looked to be in good spirits while walking next to his wife and daughter, however the "Expendables 2" actor ended up confronting and having a chat with a photographer while out in the city.
  • Nice Afternoon 3 of 5
    Nice Afternoon
    Either way, it looked like the family was enjoying themselves well.
  • Lookin’ Good 4 of 5
    Lookin' Good
    Bruce looks like a great dad, doesn't he?
  • Tell Us What You Think 5 of 5
    Tell Us What You Think
    What do you think of the celebrity couple's out and about style?

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