Bruce Willis: "My Daughters Really Rule My Emotions"


Bruce WillisNewlywed father of three Bruce Willis, 54, (pictured here with his mom and daughters) says his new role in Cop Out playing a dad who has trouble with the word “no,” isn’t a stretch from real life because he’d do anything for daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah from his marriage to Demi Moore.

And although his oldest, Rumer, is now 21, he doesn’t have being a father of the bride on his mind  yet.

The actor, who reports he’s “never been happier” said in a recent interview: “I’m not worrying about their weddings yet, but when it happens, it happens. Marriage is just one more rite of passage.”

Willis married Emma Heming, 31, in March 2009, making it one big happy family occasion. Along with her daughters, Moore attended with husband Ashton Kutcher.  And the clan might continue to grow.

Source: People