Bruno Assaults Eminem at MTV Movie Awards (VIDEO)



The big news at the MTV Movie Awards tonight wasn’t who won a Golden Popcorn trophy, but what was up with that incident between Eminem and Sacha Baron Cohen?  Cohen, dressed in wings and feathers as Bruno, his flamboyantly gay character, flew over the audience at the Universal Amphitheater before presenting the award for Best Male Performance. The guy’s got balls, and apparently wanted to show them to Eminem.

(See the video after the jump)

After a short flight he landed in Eminem’s lap, with his bare buttocks right in the rapper’s face.

A visibly upset Emimen yelled, “Are you serious? Get the ****** off me!” to which Cohen replied, “Nice to meet you.”

A short scuffle ensued as the rapper’s bodyguards attempted to pull Cohen off of him, and he yelled, “Hey, don’t touch me! I’ve already got a boyfriend!”

Once Cohen was pulled off, Eminem stormed out of the theater followed by his bodyguards.

I wonder if Cohen’s daughter Olive was watching the whole spectacle?  While I’m sure it was disturbing to see your dad’s butt mere inches away from a strange man’s snarling face, maybe it was cool to see him dressed like an angel and flying over everyone’s heads. Daddy’s funny!