Bryce Dallas Howard Knows If She's Having A Boy Or Girl But Is Not Telling!

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Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard knows the sex of her unborn baby but she’s not telling!

The actress and her husband Seth Gabel are being tight-lipped about the baby’s gender.

“We do know — we didn’t know for a while. We just found out recently,” The Help star, 30, told ET Canada during the Restless premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. “At this point [we’re telling] just family.”

Their 4½-year-old son Theo will be a big brother soon enough.  Luckily this pregnancy  has been better than her first, just because she doesn’t have the time to “sit around and worry.”

“It’s kind of euphoric. It’s the greatest, I love it,” she says of her pregnancy. “The thing that every parent hopes for is that the baby’s healthy, I’m healthy. No matter how you feel, that’s the most important thing.”

Howard, who suffered postpartum depression before, plans to slow down and focus on her family for a while.

“Whether you intend to slow down, you slow down,” she notes. “My son will be 5 [in February] and that time is so crucial for him and as a family.”

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