Bryce Dallas Howard Opens Up About PPD


bryce-dallas-howard-post-partum-depression-twilightPost Partum Depression is a serious issue and it doesn’t really care who is afflicted by it.

Bryce Dallas Howard recently opened up about her bout with postpartum. She said, “It’s brutal. I’m a total optimist and it was shocking to face that; I didn’t expect that at all.”

“At first I called it postpartum denial because you’re like, ‘I just feel like a zombie,’ and then it gets worse and worse.”

She did say that she was very fortunate to have such a great support group, in her family, surrounding her. She said their positive encouragement helped immensely.

That support group and having an intense role helped her to focus.

I felt really lucky to do this film because this is a character that’s really struggling. She doesn’t feel like herself at all and feels suffocated by the world around her. And for the period of time I felt like I could hold on to that. Everything I was feeling, I could at least explore it in a character.”

If only we all had something like that to help us out of the fugue of PPD besides the Twilight series.

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