Bryce Dallas Howard Talks About Pregnancy The Second Time Around

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Bryce has been bothered by one thing in particular the second time around.

Ask any woman who has more than one child and she will tell you that each pregnancy was different. From a carefree, easy pregnancy to a difficult one and everything is in between, every time a woman is pregnant, she has a distinctive physical response. After all, look at how different (and special) each one of our children are… them each pregnancy is unique.

Bryce’s first pregnancy with son Theodore Norman Howard Gabel, back in 2007 was no picnic. She is said to have suffered from post-partum depression. Afterwards, she had difficulty breast-feeding, which she said was more painful then experiencing the natural child birth, and would often cry in the shower and allowed her house to fall apart. You might bet that Bryce may have been a little leery of her second pregnancy.

So far Bryce says one thing in particular has been disturbing. She told Parade magazine:

“Everyone has told me that it’s easier, but to be honest, the morning sickness has been so intense. It was the first time as well, but this is sort of a whole ‘nother level. I just keep saying in my head that it means that the baby is really present and healthy. But I would choose this a million times over. I feel so fortunate to be able to have another child.”

How different were your pregnancies? What bothered you most?

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