Bummer: Ricky Gervais Doesn't Want Kids


ricky-gervais-extrasJust when I thought I’d found the perfect celebrity to have a baby with, he has to go and ruin the whole thing. Ricky Gervais, creator, writer and star of The Office and best show ever Extras, says he doesn’t want children because he’s afraid they’d turn out like him. Hey Ricky – that never stopped some celebrities from procreating. (Hello, Hulk Hogan, Pete Doherty, David Hasselhoff…)

Gervais and his partner Jane Fallon made the decision to not have kids early on, when they were both students in their 20s. “We never wanted to be parents, with all that entails: the loss of freedom, total dependency,” he says. “I didn’t have a work ethic for such a long time. Imagine if I had a child like me? I didn’t start earning until I was 36.”

The comedian is also concerned his obsessive personality wouldn’t bode well for fatherhood. “I’m the sort of person who has to check three times that I’ve shut the door, so I’d probably stare at a kid all day to check it was breathing.”

Ricky, I can think of one plus – maybe the kid would inherit your sense of humor. I’d love for someone to bring back Extras.