Bump Watch: Ali Landry Trying For Another Baby


Ali Landry, best known as The Doritos Girl, has been busy taking care of her 2 ½ -year-old daughter Estela and her clothing line  Belle Parish.  Also on her plate-Trying for baby #2!

“It is god’s will and we are trying very hard. If I could get my husband to be home for those special few days every month, and if he could be home and not working nights and finishing a script on a deadline, it might actually happen!” she tells Celebrity baby Scoop.  “If we could be in the same city, we might actually make it happen! So that’s my biggest struggle right now. He keeps saying ‘I want a baby, I want another baby,’ and I say ‘well you have to be in town to actually make that happen.'”

I think we can all agree, having your husband around is always helpful.

As to the sex of the baby, Ali, who is married to Alejandro Gomez Monteverde, says: “A boy would be great. But all I know now is girl, so I definitely wouldn’t mind another little girl. All men want that little boy, and I’d love to have a mama’s boy. Although, I have so much great girl clothes, I’d hate for them to go to waste.”

We wish them good luck!