Bump Watch: Beyonce Hides Baby Bump in Baggy Top (Photos)

Pregnant Beyonce braves the rain in NYC.

Beyonce has been spending quite a bit of time in NYC lately, and today she stepped out sporting a much frumpier maternity style than she’s been seen wearing in recent weeks.

Beyonce covered up her baby bump in a baggy top and paired it with these blue leggings. Honestly, I’m not sure what she was thinking when she put those on. I love Beyonce and her style, but those leggings look like something you’d find at a truck stop instead of a boutique!

Amid continued speculation that she is not really pregnant and is wearing a fake baby bump to fool fans, Beyonce seemed to try and hide her bump a bit in these new photos.

Take a look and judge for yourself: Was Beyonce concealing her bump or simply trying to stay dry in the NYC drizzle?


  • What is Beyonce wearing? 1 of 4
    What is Beyonce wearing?
    Those leggings are something else.
  • Getting Bigger! 2 of 4
    Getting Bigger!
    Beyonce is starting to look more pregnant.
  • Covering Up? 3 of 4
    Covering Up?
    Beyonce seems to be hiding her belly.
  • Maternity Frump? 4 of 4
    Maternity Frump?
    This is Beyonce's least stylish pregnancy look yet.