Bump Watch! Carrie Underwood Photos Show Tiny Baby Bump?

carrie underwood
Does Carrie Underwood have a baby bump?

Ever since she married hockey player, Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood has pretty much been on a 24-hour bump watch! Everyone wants to see this gorgeous girl have a baby, and judging from these new photos, we may not have to wait much longer. Is Carrie Underwood pregnant?

Carrie is known for her incredibly svelte body, and her abs always look perfectly flat. Look at these photos taken of Carrie at Simon Fuller’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. From the side, she appears to have a slight bulge in her mid-section. Is this the first shot of a very tiny baby bump from Carrie?

Here is another photo of Carrie taken from the front. Does she appear fuller to you?

carrie underwood
Carrie's belly looks a little bit rounder than normal.

Carrie Underwood said fairly recently that she and Mike Fisher were going to hold off on having kids and that they were content with their dogs. Did they change their minds?

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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