How Scientology Plays A Role In Katie Holmes' Attempt at Baby #2


Tom Cruise is a well known Scientologist and Katie became one when she married him. As with many belief systems, there are special ways to go about having a baby.

For one: Having a baby has to be Katie’s decision. He cannot, as rumored,  “force her,” into conceiving. As part of Scientology, “The baby’s soul must inhabit  its pre-birth body with the clear intention it wants to be born,” a source tells OK!. “Tom knows that

rushing into this process would be a terrible thing to do. He wants more kids. So does she. But it will have to come naturally.”

Rumors of Katie wanting to get pregnant have been around for a while. She started planning last year and went on a purification regime designed by Scientologists to purify the body of any toxins that could make it harder for her to get pregnant. When she got a film role in The Romantics, the couple decided it was best to wait until she was done filming.

Famecrawler let you now previously that Tom is hoping for a boy. Scientologists “believe that whatever you visualize and focus on you can have, so when Tom and Katie line up with an idea, it will happen.”

Source: OK! Print ed.