Bump Watch: Is Alyson Hannigan's Baby Bump "Getting Bigger by the Minute"?

Alyson Hannigan Baby Bump!

When we get our paparazzi pics from our photo agencies there are titles, descriptions and key words. For these new Alyson Hannigan (of How I Met Your Mother) photos the description was as follows: “Pregnant actress Alyson Hannigan’s baby bump gets bigger by the minute as she grabs lunch in Los Angeles.”  The growth of a baby bump wouldn’t be notable from minute to minute, but with this white shirt it does look larger than in the last couple days. And Alyson, she seems to be in on the fact that people are talkin’ about her bump size. She tweeted the other day, “So a woman working at CPK said to me “You look great! Don’t listen to the people that say differently.” Umm…? #wasthatacompliment?”

Ha, at least she can laugh about it!

Check out another photo of Alyson right here: