Bump Watch: Is Anna Kournikova Pregnant?


anna-kournikova-enrique-iglesiasRumor has it that Anna Kournikova is carrying around a tiny Enrique Iglesias baby bump, but so far mum’s the word.  The tennis star (most famous for being the smoking hot tennis star) is reportedly two months in on a pregnancy that caused her to withdraw from the Malibu Triathlon last weekend.

Now, is this the Penelope Cruz type of pregnancy rumor or the Gisele type? At this stage in the game, it looks more like the Penelope Cruz variety — meaning that it’s a totally unfounded, baseless rumor (Penelope preggo rumors started when she skipped an event at Cannes due to “food poisoning”).

It could, in fact, become the Gisele type — where there’s a mountain of evidence before the couple decides to announce it — in the next couple of months.

Is this a new celebrity trend, to just not inform the media until the last possible moment? I guess maybe it affords celebs a little extra privacy or something.  Instead of getting bombarded with questions about their baby itself, they get ‘are they pregnant?’ headlines, like this one. Very clever indeed.