Bump Watch: Jennifer Garner — A Case of Unfortunate Shirts or A Bun in The Oven?


Is it just a case of another “unfortunate shirt” or is Jennifer Garner knocked up with baby number three? In the last week there have been two photographs of Jennifer looking a wee bit bigger in the tummy area. And since she is of child bearing age and her and Ben make cute kids, there has been speculation that it isn’t just a case of ill fitting clothing but of a bun in the Gardner oven. Check out the photos here!

While Hollywood Life thinks that she could be pregnant, Gossip Cop is stating that no, it isn’t true and that they have a “impeccable source” that denies the rumors. They also mention that she will soon start working, and starring, in the film Butter, which starts shooting next week.  But perhaps the seemingly apparent belly is just some extra pounds she gained during the research and rehearsals for the film which is all about a small town that gets “caught up  in an annual butter-carving contest.”

Knocked up or not…that is the question.