Bump Watch: Is Lily Allen Knocked Up?


Lily Allen shocked fans over the weekend by not something she did, but rather something she didn’t do. While performing at the Barclaycard Wireless Festival Lily did not…indulge in any alcoholic beverages. An act that is completely out of character for the once booze lovin’ singer.

And there have been other reports that she’s been turning down cocktails lately. But it isn’t just the abstinence from alcohol that has people talking, she also was seen without a single cigarette dangling from her lips during her performance, which was a go-to accessory during her shows.

Now would actually be a good time to have a baby since at the show she announced that “this is probably my last gig in London for some time”. She has talked about how she’ll be putting her music career on hold, but states that she intends on putting her fame to good use to do charitable work, in particular bringing attention to the rain forest. The last clue to perhaps her landing on the bump watch list is her loose fitting outfit at the Wireless festival, but since she hasn’t been performing lately she says she has gained seven pounds from the lack of running around on stages.

So is Lily Allen pregnant or just on a health kick?

Photos: Bauer Griffin