Bump Watch: Is Nicole Richie Pregnant Again? (PHOTO)

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Is Nicole Richie pregnant again?

Is Nicole Richie pregnant with her third child?

She was seen while making her way out of the gym in Studio City, California on Tuesday wearing an oversized t-shirt.  It failed to really cover what looks like a baby bump!

She was wearing another loose-fitting top the next day (see photo left).  I mean, this could mean that she is simply bloated.  Geez, if I had cameras on me all the time I’m sure they’d catch some pics of me looking four months pregnant!

Then for some reason, Richie shielded her face on April 7th leaving Matsuhisa with a female friend in Hollywood.

I found this odd as she usually is fine with the paparazzi and in the photo of her alleged ‘baby bump’, she is perfectly fine with the camera taking pics.  Why is she covering her face this time?

Richie has two children to Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden, daughter Harlow, 3, and son Sparrow, 1.

Is she preggers?

Photo: Pacific Coast News