Bump Watch: Jennifer Garner Dresses Her Bump in Basic Black (Photos)

jennifer garner pregnant
Jennifer Garner's baby bump is growing!

Jennifer Garner is progressing along very nicely in her pregnancy, as we continue to watch her baby bump grow each week!

I can’t get over how great she looks, and the fact that she only appears to have gained weight in her belly. When I was pregnant, everything was huge…even my neck! Jennifer is definitely taking great care of herself!

In LA this week, Jen dressed up her baby bump in a basic black outfit, while adding a pop of color with this red sweater. It’s no secret that black is a slimming color, so it’s always a great choice during pregnancy.

Here are a few more photos of Jennifer and her growing bump enjoying the sunshine!


  • Looking Great! 1 of 4
    Looking Great!
    Jen has only gained weight in her belly.
  • Carrying Low? 2 of 4
    Carrying Low?
    Jennifer appears to be carrying this baby on the lower side.
  • Basic Black 3 of 4
    Basic Black
    When in doubt, stick with black for a chic maternity look!
  • Glowing! 4 of 4
    Pregnancy definitely agrees with Jen!