Bump Watch! Jennifer Garner Hides Cute Baby Bump in Sweater (Photos)

Jennifer Garner bump watch

Jennifer Garner is pregnant with her third child but she does a good job of hiding her baby bump!

The actress was spotted at the Los Angeles airport looking casual, as usual!  Her sweater did a good job of hiding her growing belly!

Luckily we caught a better glimpse of her cute baby bump in this photo (left).

Jennifer and her husband Ben Affleck already are already proud parents to daughters, Violet and Seraphina.

We’d love to see Bennifer have a baby boy!

What is Jennifer craving this pregnancy?  Find out here.

See the other pics of Jen after the jump.


  • Jennifer Garner 1 of 7
    Jennifer Garner
    Oh look who it is, a paparazzo...following me at the airport, greaaaaat. Is that what Jen is thinking?
  • Jennifer Garner 2 of 7
    Jennifer Garner
    Move outta my way ladies!
  • Jennifer Garner 3 of 7
    Jennifer Garner
    Do-do-do... taking the escalator down... how exciting for you, paparazzo.
  • Jennifer Garner 4 of 7
    Jennifer Garner
    A-ha! The best shot of the Baby Bump.
  • Jennifer Garner 5 of 7
    Jennifer Garner
    Who is Jen talking to?
  • Jennifer Garner 6 of 7
    Jennifer Garner
    Whoa, hold on there! Don't touch my luggage!
  • Jennifer Garner 7 of 7
    Jennifer Garner
    See ya!


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