Bump Watch: Jennifer Garner Out And About in Los Angeles (Photos)

Bumpin' it: Jennifer Garner

Another week, another Jennifer Garner bump watch gallery!

Ben Affleck‘s wife is looking super cute these days and unlike certain other pregnant celebrities (this side eye goes to you, Beyonce), she’s keeping it comfortable and casual.

Because what else does a pregnant mom-to-be want to wear when she’s six months pregnant? Nothing more than a good pair of comfy jeans and reasonable shoes when you’re out and about and at your doctor’s appointments.

Check out our photos of Jennifer from today.  What do you think of her maternity style?

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    Jennifer Garner
    Mother-to-be Jennifer Garner, star of "Elektra," walks from her doctor's office in Beverly Hills sporting sunglasses and a maternity sweater.
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    Jennifer Garner
    The famed wife of actor and director Ben Affleck is currently promoting her independent film where she co-stars with Hugh Jackman called "Butter."
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    Jennifer Garner
    Garner recently spoke about a love scene she had to shoot for the film, calling it a "horrifying" experience due to the fact that two had only met a couple of days previous to filming the scene.
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    Jennifer Garner
    What do you think of her maternity sweater?
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    Jennifer Garner
    Isn't it super cute?
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    Jennifer Garner
    We love her pregnancy style!