Bump Watch: Jennifer Garner Takes Her Girls To Ballet Class (Photos)


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Jennifer Garner took her daughters to ballet class.

Jennifer Garner is the one to watch when it comes to growing baby bumps! Forget Beyonce (hers may be fake) and don’t even consider Hilary Duff (she’s a tiny bumper). In our eyes, Garner does pregnancy well!

Garner was recently spotted taking her daughters, Violet and Seraphina, to ballet class on Saturday (Oct. 29).

And take a look at her enormous baby bump. Yet, she looks amazing. How many women can pull that off and take charge of two grown daughters? That is why we love Jennifer Garner so much!

Take a look at the photos below!

  • Jennifer Garner 1 of 7
    Jennifer Garner
    Jennifer shows off her growing baby bump.
  • Jennifer Garner 2 of 7
    Jennifer Garner
    Soon she'll dive head first into boy activities with her new son.
  • Jennifer Garner 3 of 7
    Jennifer Garner
    Violet and Seraphina better enjoy the all-girl time now.
  • Jennifer Garner 4 of 7
    Jennifer Garner
    Violet enjoyed a day of ballet before heading home.
  • Jennifer Garner 5 of 7
    Jennifer Garner
    Seraphina must love being on top of mom's baby bump.
  • Jennifer Garner 6 of 7
    Jennifer Garner
    Jen kept her pregnancy hidden for at least four months.
  • Jennifer Garner 7 of 7
    Jennifer Garner
    Jen and husband Ben Affleck are reportedly expecting a boy.

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