Bump Watch: Jewel Is Excited About Becoming a Mom

jewel and husban ty murray
Jewel and Ty Murray

Jewel is getting anxious about soon becoming a mother to a baby boy, her first child with husband Ty Murray.

“We’re really excited,” said the singer/songwriter.

“I think I’ll be the stricter one, oddly. You’d think being the singer/songwriter I’d be the sort of fluffy one, but I think Ty’s going to be a bit of a pushover.”

Jewel keeps a pretty low profile and stays out of the spotlight.  She lives in Texas with Murray, a world-champion bull rider.

She is already thinking about how she and hubby will keep her son grounded in the future.

“That’s something we both think a lot about. The good thing is we live on a giant ranch in Texas in a really small community that’s not flashy. … It’s definitely very different from how Ty and I were raised.”

Jewel’s pregnancy inspired her to write The Merry Goes Round, an album of children’s songs due this fall.

This album will come after her Lullaby release, an album she wrote while she was trying to conceive.

“It’s neat that my son got to hear me writing and recording and singing an album my whole pregnancy, and he’ll get to hear it when he’s out of my tummy.”

Photo: PR Photos