Bump Watch: Mel B Is Having a Super Secret Beverly Hills Baby Shower

mel b baby shower
Mel B's Hollywood Baby shower

Shhhh….. Former Spice Girl Mel B is reportedly having a super secret Beverly Hills baby shower this afternoon.  The only problem is that the singer made the mistake of inviting some high profile celebrities to the party and those celebrities brought along their very own collection of paparrazzi. 

Mel did her very best to throw the press off the scent of the event by tweeting details that implied that the party was tomorrow.  Earlier today she tweeted, “making some gift bags for my party tomoz,so far i have bagged over 100 bags up and steamed myself 90 dresses,wow wow wee wa.”  Hmmm…. I smell a celebrity conspiracy….

She almost had us beat right up to the point that she invited reality tv princesses Kim and Kourtney Kardashian.  The duo came to the party with flashbulbs flashing, carrying presents and putting on quite the show.  Um… Kim even announced she would be attending a “friend’s baby shower” on Twitter earlier the day. 

Note for the rest of Hollywood – if you want to keep your party secret, don’t invite the Kardashians!

Photo: Pacific Coast News