Bump Watch: Naomi Watts Wants Another Baby...Under One Condition


Naomi Watts is yet another 40 something actress who wants to have a baby. The 41 year old already has two sons, Alexander “Sasha”, 2-1/2, and Kai, 15 months, with partner Liev Shreiber and would like another one if…

she could have a girl!

“If I could guarantee myself a girl, I’d say yes to having more children… but I’d be sure to have another boy,” she said.

There were recently rumors that the couple were having problems since they have not yet been married, but they’ve denied any issues.  “Big deal! They never believed in marriage in the first place, so what’s the big deal if they tie the knot now or not? They have two kids and consider themselves a happy family. Not talking about getting married doesn’t mean that they’re splitting up,” a friend told the NY Daily News.

We hope they add a little girl to the mix!