Bump Watch! Pregnant Beyonce Shows Off Baby Bump in Bikini!

Beyonce dared to bare her baby bump in a bikini.

Beyonce may be pregnant with her first child, but she definitely isn’t letting that slow her down! She’s also not letting her pregnancy affect her sense of style. Beyonce was actually photographed in Croatia showing off her tiny baby bump in a bikini!

You can see a photo of Beyonce’s bikini baby bump here. Doesn’t she look amazing? Even though she’s expecting, she still has a rockin’ bod.

Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, traveled to Croatia after being in Venice, Italy for the film festival there. This will likely be one of the last vacations they take as a couple before their little bundle arrives, so they’re smart to enjoy a little downtime.

Most pregnant women wouldn’t be comfortable showing off their baby bump in a bikini, but Beyonce is proving herself as one hot mama-to-be!