Bump Watch! Pregnant Hilary Duff Spends Birthday With Her Sister (Photos)

hilary duff
Sisters Haylie Duff and pregnant Hilary Duff in Los Angeles.

Hilary Duff is celebrating her 24th birthday today, but instead of partying it up like most gals in their early twenties, Hilary opted to spend some quality time with her big sister, Haylie Duff.

Of course, Hilary can’t really party right now considering that she is pregnant with her first child! Hilary’s baby bump is finally starting to show, and it will be so much fun to watch it grow even bigger as she continues in her pregnancy.

For her birthday today, Hilary was spotted in Los Angeles taking a nice walk with Haylie, and her cute little dog in tow. Pregnant girls, and especially pregnant girls celebrating a birthday, should be getting all the attention, but it looks like Hilary’s dog was the most spoiled out of the group!

Here are a few more photos of Haylie and Hilary. We hope she’s enjoying her birthday!


  • That’s one spoiled pooch! 1 of 4
    That's one spoiled pooch!
  • Hilary’s bump is growing! 2 of 4
    Hilary's bump is growing!
  • Leisurely birthday stroll… 3 of 4
    Leisurely birthday stroll...
  • Hangin’ with her big sis! 4 of 4
    Hangin' with her big sis!