Bump Watch: Tori Spelling and Her Bun in the Oven (Photos)

Tori Spelling Bump Watch!

It’s getting close to that time, the time when another Tori Spelling/ Dean McDermott creation is welcomed into the world. Tori is very much pregnant with their third child who is reportedly going to be due in October which means Tori still has over a month to go.

Tori, Dean, their children Stella and Liam along with Dean’s eldest child Jack (from a previous relationship), were spotted in a playground in Cross Creek, Malibu.

Check out photos of the growing family here!

  • Tori Spelling Baby Bump 1 of 5
    Tori Spelling Baby Bump
  • Tori Spelling and Family 2 of 5
    Tori Spelling and Family
  • Tori Spelling and Stella 3 of 5
    Tori Spelling and Stella
  • Tori Spelling and Family 4 of 5
    Tori Spelling and Family
  • Tori Spelling and Family 5 of 5
    Tori Spelling and Family