Bump Watch: Tori Spelling Bikini Shows Off Pregnant Belly at the Beach (Photo)

Tori Spelling pregnant bikini baby bump photo
Tori Spelling pregnant in a bikini

Tori Spelling bump watch is in full swing – check out the latest Tori Spelling bikini photo showing her ever-growing pregnant belly.

Tori Spelling is a braver woman than most, but she’s looking great and is obviously proud of that baby bump.

Tori, husband Dean, and kids Liam and Stella were seen on Memorial Day at the beach – Dean seems to be shouldering the load, carrying both of the kids as they walk along!

Tori also took to Twitter to share a pic of Liam kissing her belly. She writes: “Liam is kissing the baby and was saying ‘Hi Baby. Its me Liam. I can’t wait to meet you!’ Made me tear up!”

What do you think of Tori Spelling in a bikini while pregnant? I don’t think I even wore a bathing suit during pregnancy!

Image: PCNPhotos