Busy Philipps Says Motherhood Has Taught Her How to Relax

Busy Phillips and daughter Birdie Leigh

Busy Philipps says that motherhood has helped her to go with the flow.

“Becoming a mom allowed me to just relax in a way I never had before,” the actress told Parenting.

“I used to care a lot about what I looked like in public or what people thought of me. I care at least 40 percent less now.”

The I Don’t Know How She Does It star, 32, said that her perspective on life came after the birth of her daughter Birdie Leigh, 3.

“I want Bird to see her mom as a woman who is confident and real; not someone who’s always trying too hard,” she says.

“I still like to dress up and get fancy from time to time, but it’s okay to be sweaty and without makeup at the grocery store … The bigger part, to me, is being Birdie’s mom, Marc [Silverstein’s] wife, and how I’ve worked very hard to grow the past 10 or so years.”

Even though the Cougar Town star is still learning how to say “no” to requests from other people, her top priority is her daughter.

“Birdie is always my first priority and I cherish the time we spend together … I try to schedule work things around that,” she shares.

“You know, like, ‘Yes, I’ll do your podcast, but only after 8 p.m.'”



Wait til Birdie is old enough to hear Phillip’s Incredible Birth Story!

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